Chasing Faith

Rock / Post-grunge
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5 personen
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  • Erik Lindeman, Vocals, Purmerend
  • Sander Tijburg, Guitar / Backing vocals, Purmerend
  • Arjan Greven, Guitar, Purmerend
  • Tim van Grieken, Bassguitar, Purmerend
  • Mark van Grieken, Drums, Purmerend


Chasing Faith represents a recently formed Dutch rock band, working hard to attain recognition in the rock scene. Influenced by bands such as Alter Bridge, Trapt, Papa Roach, Intwine and Shinedown, they have developed a solid, intense and fresh sound. This, combined with moving lyrics has resulted in their style varying from hardrock songs to smooth (rock) ballads.

The band, which consists of five skilled musicians, was formed during the fall of 2010. As a lot of new bands do, they started covering songs made by bands which they most admire. However, their wish to develop their own distinguished sound stopped them from covering songs and motivated them to start creating their own, original songs. While setting a high standard for themselves, the band evolved rapidly due to their similar interests on both musical and personal fronts. Throughout the years the band has improved its stage performance and the group has been privileged to play along side Dutch artists including Yori Swart, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and not to mention Ellen ten Damme.

At the moment, the band is working hard on recording new tracks. These tracks will illustrate the reason this band was formed: strong love for the American post-grunge rock. This style is yet to be discovered in the Netherlands, while the American rock charts are overwhelmed by it. This puts focus on their goal: Spreading this style across the Dutch and European music industry.





Geupload op: 23-02-2012
Chasing Faith - Terribly Incredible
Chasing Faith - Say It
Chasing Faith - Cold



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